Leroy Shield's Radio Chronology

(April 5) - Pacific Coast Chain Broadcast (opening program) Accompanies opera singer Jeanne Gordon in an experimental radio broadcast by the new NBC "Orange Network"

Minneapolis Honeywell. Classical musical variety.

Armour Half Hour. Comedy/variety show with Roy Shields Orchestra, Iodent Program (NBC)

(July 22) –General Tire Audition, from Akron, Ohio. Shield's composition "Prelude" used as the signature tune.

Armour & Co., with Roy Shields Orchestra

Music Magic (Blue Network)

Breakfast Club with Don McNeill

(December 25) Daffy-Dilly Christmas. Words by Willis Cooper, music by Roy Shield (NBC-WJZ)

Climalene Carnival

Immortal Dramas (biblical series, WMAQ, Chicago). Orchestra direction by Roy Shields

(September 15) W-G-N Salutes WMAQ. Roy Shield composed a special "Dedication March"

The Climalene Carnival Orchestra, with Don McNeill and Roy Shields
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten (Red network NBC Chicago) a kiddie show which used "Good Old Days" as its signature tune.

Roy Shield Revue (NBC Blue Network)

Carnation Milk "Contented Hour"
The Magic Key of RCA – (Blue channel) Roy Shield directing a special Chicago Magic Key Orchestra

Just Neighbors (daily serial). Theme song: "If I Never Dream Again" by Shield = Hal Roach theme distinguished for its smooth, lilting melody
Win Your Lady
Roy Shield's Revue (aka Shaefer revue) (NBC Blue Network)

Phil Baker Show
(June-October) Ralston-Purina "The Inside Story" Roy Shield conducts program

This Amazing America (travel show, WJZ-NBC). Roy Shields conducts orchestra.
Carnation Milk "Contented Hour"
(December 25) Roy Shields and his orchestra

(June 4) Northwestern University Program. Roy Shields & Orchestra
(September 6) NBC Summer Symphony Orchestra (EDST NBC-Blue Network). Roy Shield conducting his tone poem "Gloucester"
(September 13) NBC Summer Symphony Orchestra Roy Shield - guest composer
1941(?) Hot Copy (Crime drama series). Original music by Shield
(October 5) Salute to KDKA

1941 (cont.)
1941 - ? Author's Playhouse Drama show with scripts by various writers (NBC Red). Music composed and directed by Roy Shield.

1941-1945 Roy Shields & Company

(August 15) WEAF Twentieth Anniversary. with the NBC Symphony Orchestra in Chicago, from Chicago
(September 2) Roy Shields Review (WMAQ-NBC)
(November 25) 100th Anniversary of University of Notre Dame. Original Music by Roy Shield (WMAQ-NBC)
(December 24) The Roy Shield Christmas Concert (WEAF & NET) NBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Shields
(December 31) Roy Shields & Co - New Year's Eve. Variety program. From Chicago

Roy Shields and his orchestra

Design for Listening. Easy Listening featuring Ray Shield and the Singing Strings

(January 3 and 10) Voice of Firestone - January 3 and 10, 1944 (from Chicago). Roy Shield, Conductor
(February 1) NBC War bond parade
(February – March) W A Schaeffer "World News Parade"
(February – May) World News Parade Roy Shields & Orchestra
(May 5) Union Pacific Railroad "Your America". (NBC series, from Canada) Shield conducted orchestra in premiere performance of his own composition in observance of the 10th anniversary of America's first streamlined train.
(June 6, 7) D-Day - Invasion of France
NBC Invasion Series - Roy Shields & Orchestra.
1) Announcement and part of Gershwin's Strike Up the Band.
2) Traditional Irish air, "The Minstrel Boy, in Shield's special arrangement.
World News Roundup - Roy Shields & Orchestra
Music and News - Roy Shields & Orchestra
World News Parade - Roy Shields & Orchestra
Sheaffer World Parade - Roy Shields & Orchestra

(April 14) President Roosevelt's Death. From Chicago, a program of hymns & classical music dedicated to our beloved President.
(May 17) Music of the New World - Music in American Cities". From Chicago. RS directed the orchestra.
(June to August) Silhouettes and Cameos
(July to October) We Came This Way. Conducted orchestra
(October) Catholic Hour

[As of Dec. 10, 1945 Dr Roy Shield became Contractor of NBC Orchestra Section in New York]

(January 6) Eternal Light - Conducts music
(March 22) Serenade to America - Conductor
(June 16, 30) Tapestry Musicale – Director of a string orchestra
(June 30) Mid-Morning Melodies - Program-conductor
(August 23) Cities Service "Highways in Melody" - Guest conductor

RCA Victor Show - Conducts orchestra

(July 21, 28) The New Carnation Contented Hour - Subbed for Percy Faith as orchestra conductor
(August 1947 to ?) Serenade to America - Conducts from time to time.
(August 27) New York Infirmary: Message from Eddie Cantor - Conducts orchestra on this transcribed program
(October) Music for Today - Conducts NBC Concert Orchestra for today only.
(November 5) H.P. Davis Memorial Announcers Award (WNBC only) Originating in NY. Conducted Orchestra in musical selections.


Armed Services Review. Variety show with music by Roy Shield and orchestra.
(July – September) Radio City Playhouse. Musical bridges by Roy Shield.
(September 11) Radio City Playhouse, Attraction #12: "Mother", Opening music: "Bells"

1948 (cont.)
(Summer) Roll Call. Musical potpourri with a military flavor. With Burgess Meredith (emcee), Roy Shields Orch; Smoothics
(July 11) Catholic Daughters of America. From New York. RS composed and directed the music.
(August 17) A Ballad for the Babe. Special program in tribute to Babe Ruth. Composed and conducted original music.
(August 21 and 28) NBC Symphony - two appearances as guest conductor. Featuring "The Great Bell" (Shield)
(October - ?) Everyman's Story (dramatic series). Composed and conducted special music.
(Noverber 29, 1948) Radio City Playhouse, Attraction #17: "Temporarily Purple", Opening music: "Steppin' Along With A Song"
Incidental music: "Ridin' Along"
(November – August 29, 1949) Radio City Playhouse. Musical bridges and background by Roy Shield.

(April-September) Living 1949 – Conducts orchestra.
(June – August) Eight by request – Composes and conducts special music

(January 26) Great Moments in Opera with Roy Shield and orchestra.
(March 5) 20th Anniversary of Catholic Hour – Musical background and bridges
(April 3) American Cancer Society 1950 Cancer Crusade
(June – October) Top Secret (program series) – background music and bridges.
(September 7) Machines Without Men - Semi-documentary about occupational hazards in American industry, in cooperation with the American Medical Association. Roy Shield, music

(June to August) Roy Shield and Company - Conducts the NBC Orchestra, New York. Signature tune: "You Are the One I Love"

(January 18) Presenting Vera Lynn - Supplies music
(February to March) Saturday Night Revue - Directs his orchestra (Vera Lynn stars)
(June) Summer Serenade - Conducts the NBC New York Radio City Orchestra
(June to September) Promenade Concerts - Conducts orchestra.
(August 8 to 22) Roy Shield Presents - Conducts orchestra.
(August 10 and 17) NBC String Symphonette - Conducted.

(April to September) NBC Concert Orchestra - Conducted
(January 18, March 15) Cities Service Band of America - conducts Cities Service Band in New York
(September 26) Inheritance – Provides music. "Inheritance" theme, (episode "Flight to Nowhere", aired 5/16/54)
(September 27) Best of All - NBC Concert Orchestra


(August 28) The NBC Bandstand. RS conducts orchestra substituting for Skitch Henderson.

Variety reviews courtesy of Scott Johnson
Library of Congress - recorded sound
Library of Congrress NBC collection - file index cards
The Oregonian - courtesy Barry Bernard

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