Copyright Renewal Application 1963 Katherine Shield, the widow of Leroy Shield, applies to renew a copyright for the song "Let's Face It" , first filed in 1936.
It's DOCTOR Roy Shield!
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1942 Leroy Shield is given an honorary Doctor of Music degree from the Chicago Musical College.
1940 Roy Shield's bio from NBC's publicity department
Chicago Concert in Grant Park Program
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1940 Program - Leroy Shield Conducts the NBC Orchestra at a Sunday evening concert in Chicago's Grant Park Bandshell.
Letter From Hall Roach Studios 1935 Hal Roach Production Manager, William Terhune's letter to Shield requesting more music.
Copyright Transfer Contracts
1930 | 1932
Two contracts showing the transfer of Shield's copyright ownership to the Southern Music Publishing Company.
Hollywood Recording Studio Log 1930 Victor Hollywood Orchestra under the direction of Leroy Shield records "Sing Song Girl" and "Song of the Big Trail"
Cue Sheet Fast Work
1930 Cue Sheet for the Charley Chase comedy Fast Work (circa May 1930) Also starring June Marlowe (Miss Crabtree).
Cue Sheet Looser Than Loose
1930 Cue Sheet for the Charley Chase comedy Looser Than Loose (circa November 1930). Also stars Thelma Todd. [Note: On this document, "Anticipation" = "The Moon And You" and "Tune" = "All Together"]
1930 Shield writing to Ralph Peer (who was most likely the contact at his publisher- Southern Music) complaining about Roach's music recycling policies. (carbon copy from Shield's records)
1929 Two studio logs dated April 27, 1929 showing a Thelma Todd recording session accompanied by Leroy Shield on piano. Notice the "s" crossed out of Shield's name.
1921 Shields' passport to perform in Cuba and study abroad. (six pages)
1918 Shield registered for the army and was stationed at Fort Des Moines during WWI.
1915 Shields' piano instructor at the Columbia School of Music in Chicago
1910 A 17 year-old Leroy B. Shields pianist in a concert tour.
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