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Celebrating the genius of Leroy Shield
An Apple Commercial (1998) which ridicules IBM's Pentium processor by showing a slow-moving snail, illustrated by Shield's "In My Canoe".

 "Baton Breakage"

CHICAGO—Roy Shield, director of music for the NBC Central Division, buys batons by the dozen from a wand maker on the Pacific Coast. Shield probably has greater baton breakage than any other man in the business. But it isn’t temperament that causes this high baton mortality—he just can’t get over the habit of slapping a baton in a desk drawer, and then slamming the drawer shut with a few inches of baton hanging over the edge.
[NBC publicity, October 17, 1938]

Below– an obituary printed in Variety, January 24, 1962. It's interesting that his work at Hal Roach Studios is not mentioned.

Roy Shield, 68, composer-conductor who had served with NBC in many capacities, died Jan. 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He first was a conductor with NBC in Hollywood and later was conductor and manager of the music division of NBC's central division in Chicago.

Shield, who retired in 1955, also was manager of NBC orchestra personnel in New York. In addition, he conducted the NBC Concert Orchestra and the NBC Summer Symphony. His full name was Leroy B. Shield, but worked professionally as Roy Shield.

You may have seen a delightful a cappella quartet called the Blanks making recurring appearances on the TV comedy "Scrubs".

They have a CD called "Riding the Wave" on which they perform a wonderful a cappella version of Leroy Shield's "Good Old Days". Their TV and movie themes are unique, entertaining and very well done.

Visit the Blanks website where you will find lots of great clips of their Scrubs appearances.

Until recently, precious few people in Waseca, Minnesota were aware of the link between their little town (pop. 9,737) and Hollywood. For many of us, the identity of the Hal Roach Studio composer has long been a mystery, but to Waseca residents, the fact that Leroy Shield was born there was a big surprise.

Urged by former Minnesota Congressman Tim Penny, Jack and Mary Williams of Waseca researched the life and work of this small town's new favorite son. The result was the October 12–13, 2007 celebration: "Leroy Shield — A Hometown Tribute." The event featured a two-hour program including the life of Leroy Shield presented by Tracy Tolzmann, President of the Minnesota Laurel & Hardy Fan Club, a concert of Shield music by the Steam Heat Band, and a screening of three short films containing Shield scores.

Congratulations and continued success to Waseca in honoring this previously uncredited genius. – Steve Cloutier

[See article: Minnesota's Leroy Shield Connection]

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The Lucky Corner is website by Robert Demoss. The site is an incredibly detailed guide devoted exclusively to cast & crew listings as well as various other technical details of every Our Gang film. The music listings for each film are the best we've seen.

Public Radio's "Composer's Datebook" spotlights Leroy Shield.
Get RealPlayer Here.

"Beany" Walker, 53,
Died in Shield's Home

H.M. ("Beanie") Walker, one-time sports editor of the Los Angeles Examiner and famous as title writer for the Hal Roach Studios, died on June 23, 1937. He became ill and died suddenly of a heart attack at the home of his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shield, 5555 Sheridan Road, Chicago.

Born in Logan City, Ohio, in 1884, “Beanie” started out as a telegrapher, making a specialty of big fghts where he sat at the elbow of the sports writers and tapped out their vivid, blow-by-blow stories. About 1903 he got a job as sports writer at The Examiner.

In 1917 "Beanie" started writing for motion pictures, doing stories and titles for Harold Lloyd. In 1920 he left newspaper work altogether to do similar work for Hal Roach comedies. He lived at 10348 Dunleer Drive, Los Angeles.

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